If you talk to anyone else in Canada living outside of Vancouver or the rest of BC, you probably have heard how much better the weather is here compared to wherever they are in Canada. BC is definitely known for its milder temperatures and the lower amount of snow we receive in winter. That doesn’t mean that our climate is always warm and dry though! We still receive a large amount of precipitation each year, especially in the fall and spring when seasons are changing. So what does that mean for your driveway? It really depends on the type of material used to pave your driveway’s surface. To help you determine which is the best driveway surface for your needs in BC’s climate, take a look at the brief overview of each material listed below.

3 Common Driveway Materials in BC

1. Driveway Asphalt

A common driveway paving material that many people are familiar with is driveway asphalt. This is a black surface similar to road asphalt, which has plenty to offer in terms of durability. Because of driveway asphalt’s longevity and affordability, many homeowners prefer this as a primary option for their driveways. In a place like Vancouver, or throughout BC for that matter, it is extremely important to have a properly graded asphalt driveway to ensure adequate draining. There are many examples of poorly installed driveway asphalt being prematurely washed away or damaged by insufficient draining. In some cases, it can make practical and aesthetic sense to install a brick or interlock stone border around your driveway asphalt. This not only looks great, but it can also enhance the drainage for your driveway, which will increase its lifespan. A typical asphalt driveway in BC will cost around $2-$5 per square foot.

2. Interlock Stone/Brick

For appearance sake, there are few better driveway options than an intricately patterned interlock stone or brick surface. You can choose from a number of colours and design patterns that suit your design preferences. While some may be worried about the impact of frequent precipitation in the BC area, a properly installed interlock driveway will be able to remain mostly intact for decades. You may see a few shifting or sinking stones over the years, which will have to be repaired in a timely fashion, but for the most part, an interlock driveway will hold up well. In terms of maintenance and initial cost, the interlock driveway is among the more expensive options at $8 to $15 per square foot. With proper installation and care it can perform well for decades in BC’s climate.

3. Concrete Driveway

In terms of versatility and appearance, a concrete driveway brings a lot to the table. There are lots of design options such as stamped patterns and coloured concrete to choose from. In addition to the available patterns and colours, concrete performs well over time. Even in a damp climate like BC’s concrete can last for decades without any major issues. This is especially true with proper installation and attention to detail. Some driveway contractors will provide better installation methods such as the inclusion of control joints which reduce cracking and shifting. With proper steps taken to reduce the impact of BC’s wet climate, concrete driveways can remain solid for a long time. The installation process does take a little more planning and expertise, so driveway contractors will often charge slightly more for a concrete driveway compared to an asphalt surface. Compared to a complex interlock system however, concrete driveways are typically less expensive, ranging between $5-$10 per square foot.

In terms of overall performance and durability in BC’s damp climate, these driveway materials can all perform relatively well. At the end of the day, it is important to have a skilled and experienced driveway contractor handling your installation. To get started on creating a long-lasting, beautifully designed and installed driveway at your BC home today, contact the paving experts at Pacific Coast Paving for a quote today.