Vancouver, along with the rest of southern BC’s lower mainland is known for its high amount of annual precipitation compared to the rest of Canada. Although we enjoy a more moderate climate than other cities throughout the country, we do tend to experience more rainfall, particularly in early spring and fall. This rainfall is not usually a cause for concern among the average Vancouver citizen, but it has the potential to cause problems in the paving business. Many people often wonder whether asphalt paving is possible when its raining, and the answer may not be exactly what you would think.

Asphalt paving is best done in warm, dry and sunny conditions. That is because asphalt must be allowed to properly bond to itself after it has been laid. It is also important to add new asphalt to an existing solid base in order to ensure the new pavement sets properly. New asphalt contains oils that will repel water, causing cracks and holes to form as the asphalt gets repelled from any wet surfaces such as the existing solid base, as well as the asphalt itself. Although there are a number of drawbacks associated with paving in the rain, it is not impossible to lay new asphalt even when conditions are not ideal. It really depends on how much rain is falling and how wet the working area happens to be.

driveway paving asphaltA light sprinkling of rain will not cause any major problems with the new asphalt, and most paving companies will keep working in those types of conditions. If the rain worsens at all however, asphalt paving will not be possible. At Pacific Coast Paving, our Vancouver paving contractors will do their best to keep the work area dry during a light downpour by placing a tarp over the work area. This not only keeps water from pooling and causing further delays, but it also prevents buildups of mud and dirt, so we can get right back to work in a clean space once the rain has passed. As a Vancouver paving company, we are always prepared to deal with whatever the weather has to offer on a given day. This allows us to finish our asphalt paving projects efficiently and properly, so the newly laid asphalt will last for a number of years like it has been designed to do.