Whether you’re interested in in a brand new type of driveway paving for your home, or you are in need of some quality driveway repairs, the team at Pacific Coast Paving can help. No matter what type of driveway is sitting on your property, our paving experts have the skill and the knowledge to ensure you get the right driveway for your needs, preferences and budget. There are plenty of different options when it comes to selecting the driveway paving for your home. As with most building materials, there are advantages as well as disadvantages associated with each type of driveway. To help you determine which one is best for your needs, we have prepared a few brief descriptions as well as pros and cons associated with each type of driveway paving material.

Brick Driveways

For one of the most aesthetically pleasing driveways, brick is always a solid option. Not only are there numerous patterns and designs available to choose from, bricks are often available in a wide range of colours. With a brick driveway you will be able to add a lot of prestige and  curb appeal to your property. Some drawbacks associated with brick driveways are the actual cost of materials, which ranges on the higher side compared to other driveways. Brick driveways can also shift over long periods of time, but this issue can easily be avoided with proper installation and maintenance from an experienced team of paving experts.

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is a popular choice thanks to its easy installation which can save you money on the initial cost of the driveway. In addition, asphalt is beneficial in the winter because the black colour assists in melting snow. While the black colour can be an advantage in winter, it can get hot in the height of summer, and there isn’t an alternative colour for asphalt. Home owners should also be aware that asphalt needs to be resealed once every four or five years.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is one of the most cost effective and highly durable building materials in the world. When you pour concrete for any reason, it is made to last for decades. In addition to its price and durability, concrete is a highly customizable material. Homeowners can select different colours for their driveways, along with patterns which can be stamped or cut into the concrete surface. One issue sometimes encountered with concrete is its susceptibility to cracking in extremely cold weather. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence in cities like Vancouver which feature mild winter temperatures.

Paver Driveway

Although it is one of the most expensive options, a paver driveway offers the most in terms of appearance, durability and curb appeal. With a paver driveway you also get a huge variety of customization options from colour to pattern and even the material itself! You can choose from brick, concrete and natural stone, but it is important to keep in mind the different costs associated with each material so you aren’t surprised if you end up with a quote that is higher than expected.

No matter what type of driveway option you think is best for your needs, you can count on Pacific Coast Paving to handle the job. We have the experience and skill to ensure you end up with a beautiful finished product that is build to last for years and years. To get started on finding the perfect new driveway, be sure to contact Pacific Coast Paving today!