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Advantages of Stamped Concrete Paving

Low Maintenance

For a low maintenance, highly durable concrete paving option at your home or commercial property, stamped concrete paving makes for an ideal choice. At Pacific Coast Paving, we pride ourselves on providing top quality workmanship and customer service for every project we take on. When the time comes for a new driveway, walkway or patio, stamped concrete from Pacific Coast Paving can be the perfect choice.

Unlike interlock concrete paving, there are no spaces in the surface of stamped concrete pavement. This means that it takes a lot less energy and effort to keep a stamped concrete surface looking its best throughout the year. With interlocked concrete, unsightly weeds can quickly grow between the cracks. This growth can not only look bad and take time to remove completely, it can also cause the pavement to shift and become loose over time, especially if the weeds are allowed to grow. With stamped concrete, you can get the look of paved brick or stone, without all the hassle of continual weed removal maintenance.

Natural Finish

Stamped concrete is made by pouring a layer of concrete over a specific area such as a driveway or patio, and stamping a pattern into the surface to give it the desired appearance. Once the stamping is done and the concrete is dry, the area can be finished with a protective coating that prevents cracking and premature deterioration. What you are left with is a beautifully finished concrete surface with a pattern that makes it appear to look like brick, stone or even a wood finish. The possibilities are wide ranging, and with Pacific Coast Paving you’ll be sure to find the perfect pattern, colour and finish to go with your property.

Fast Installation

In addition to its durable and aesthetically pleasing finish, stamped concrete is among the most economical paved surfaces available in terms of installation time and cost. Unlike interlocked stone or slab concrete surfaces that take time to install each individual piece, stamped concrete can be laid much more efficiently. With Pacific Coast Paving you can expect to have a new, highly attractive and durable concrete paving surface in a fraction of the time it would take to lay any other type of aesthetic pavement surface.

For added durability, low maintenance and an attractive finish to your new driveway, patio or walkway, be sure to choose a stamped concrete surface from Pacific Coast Paving. To get started on choosing the right colour, texture and finish, be sure to contact us today to arrange for a consultation with one of our friendly paving experts.

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