Paved Speed Bump Installation

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Paved Speed Bump Installation

Paved Speed Bump Installation

Adding speed bumps through out your driveways or parking lots is a great way to control traffic on your property.  Our paving contractors can install, repair and replace all paved speed bumps. Typically there are 2 types of speed bumps that can be installed.


Types of Speed bumps:

  1. Paved Speed Bumps
  2. Rubber Speed Bumps


Understanding the difference between Paved Speed Bumps and rubber speed bumps is important before installing them. Both types are great to reduce the speed of traffic and depending on how much wear and tear they get, we would recommend either prior to adding them to your property

Where can you install speed bumps

Installing speed can be Multi-family strata buildings, commercial buildings and even cart path ways.




If you have or know about a 3rd type of material that can be used in a speed bump  installation; that is approved in BC, please let us know!

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