Asphalt Driveway Install

When the builder of this home contacted us to install a new asphalt driveway, we noticed the slope of the driveway was very low. It is very important to acknowledge this during the initial prep stages of installing a new asphalt or concrete driveway.

You don’t want the water to go into your home or towards your walkway, unless a drain is present. In this case, no drain was present so it was important to slope this driveway away from the walkway and from the house.

 Asphalt Prep

This driveway has a very little slope. The first batch of asphalt is important to see where the water will go…

driveway before pavingworkers grading the slope of the driveway

The correct installation of asphalt is to match the other surfaces around. The image below shows us matching the driveway height with existing stone pads used as a walkway.

It is also important to continue to watch for the grade of slope as you never want water to pool in sections of your new driveway.


crew measuring the driveways slope