There are many ways to use concrete to create great-looking features on your property that are both practical and attractive. One of the best features available from Pacific Coast Paving is our durable concrete curbing that can be placed virtually anywhere on your property. We operate in all Greater Vancouver area. Curbing makes a great looking, the permanent border around areas like flower beds, driveways and walkways, and lawn features. Our expert staff can provide a number of attractive colour and pattern options that will ideally suit the design and decor of your home and yard. Not only will new concrete curbing services from Pacific Coast Paving enhance the appearance of your home and yard, but it can also actually increase the value of your property as well!asphalt repairs

The experienced paving contractors at Pacific Coast Paving has a great deal of experience when it comes to designing and laying concrete curbing that is both decorative and practical. Not only does the curbing add visual appeal to your garden, but it also helps to keep things looking clean and well maintained in your yard. That is because curbing actually acts as a physical barrier below the surface of the ground. This barrier is specifically designed to prevent roots from grass, weeds and other foliage from getting into your flower beds. Thanks to its durability and rigid design, concrete curbing also makes lawn care a far easier undertaking. Trimming and grass cutting around flower beds can be completed in far less time and in a much neater fashion thanks to the solid curbing barrier.

At Pacific Coast Paving we use only the highest quality concrete and the most durable and attractive curbing designs and finishes. Unlike paving stones or bricks, concrete curbing is continuous and completely solid, meaning it won’t shift, crack or sink into the ground over time. Once we pour and set the concrete curbing, we finish the job by sealing the concrete. This makes it even more durable and resistant to damage from the sun and water for many, many years. Thanks to this enhanced durability, concrete curbing is one of the most cost-effective options for creating attractive, long-lasting borders around your lawn and garden.

If you are interested in learning how you can quickly transform your yard with attractive concrete curbing from Pacific Coast Paving, be sure to contact us directly to arrange for a free quote. We will be happy to discuss the different sizes, shapes, patterns and colours that are currently available, and we are prepared to offer any advice you may require. Our friendly staff are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction, and we will always be willing to go the extra mile towards ensuring you get the finished product that you’ve been looking for. Be sure to contact us today to get started on transforming your yard with quality curbing services from Pacific Coast Paving!

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