Concrete Sidewalk Vs. Asphalt Sidewalk

When new people come to your home or business their first impressions are based on appearance. Having a cracked and broken sidewalk or driveway is not creating the best first impression. Concrete or asphalt paving can be the facelift that your property needs in order to have every newcomer stunned by the beauty. When [...]

5 Things You Need to Know and Consider About Speed Bumps

The world seems to be moving at such a fast pace, everyone moves at high speeds and as a result, it puts drivers and pedestrians at risk. When people are on the road they want to get to their destination as efficiently as possible even if that means speeding. Traffic calming measures are taken [...]

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DIY: How to Repair Hole in Asphalt Driveway

When it comes to your driveway, there are some repairs that you can confidently do yourself, and some repairs that you should probably leave to the professionals. Luckily for those who are dealing with a hole in their asphalt driveway, there is an easy do-it-yourself solution. In this article, we will go over the methods [...]


DIY: How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway

Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials available. Thanks to its strength and versatility, you will find concrete all over your property in places like your foundation, front porch and of course, your driveway. There are many styles of concrete driveways, and they often look great for many years. Unfortunately, sometimes cracks can [...]


What is the Best Driveway Material for BC’s Climate?

If you talk to anyone else in Canada living outside of Vancouver or the rest of BC, you probably have heard how much better the weather is here compared to wherever they are in Canada. BC is definitely known for its milder temperatures and the lower amount of snow we receive in winter. That doesn't [...]


What is the Difference Between Speed Bumps and Speed Humps?

Based on typical conversations you have with the regular folks in your life, you may get the impression that 'speed bumps' and 'speed humps' are interchangeable terms. This is actually not the case. The terms speed humps and speed bumps actually refer to different examples of traffic slowing paving methods. To help you learn [...]

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Compare Driveway Pavers: Brick vs Asphalt vs Concrete

The time may come in the near future where you decide its time to upgrade your driveway with some brand new paving. Over the years you may have thought about what kind of driveway paver you want for your driveway, but now that the time has come to decide, you want to be sure [...]


Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Asphalt Pavings in Vancouver BC

Asphalt is one of the best materials you can install on your paving. It is a long lasting material that can offer you great value since it does not get damaged fast. However, it is advisable to maintain it to enhance its functionality and efficiency. With the right care and proper maintenance, you can [...]

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